2015 Review: Slovenia

Slovenia was the first of the Super Saturday 2/28 national final countries to select their song, and they selected the song “Here for You” by the husband-wife duo Maraaya (Marjetka and Raay).

Since I only knew 2 out of the 8 EMA acts, I did a little happy dance inside as I had already heard of the duo. The other one I had heard of was Martina Majerle (a.k.a. backing vocalist for Croatia in 2003, Slovenia in 2007/2011, and Montenegro in 2008/2014, and was the main vocalist in Slovenia in 2009). Anyways, Maraaya have already been part of the ESC world before this entry, when Raay co-wrote Tinkara Kovać’s 2014 entry, and the duo wrote Ula Ložar’s JESC entry.

When I first heard the song hours after EMA ended (because I decided to watch UMK without the sound XD), I couldn’t pay attention to the lyrics due to Marjetka’s voice: It sounds something like Aleksandra from Belarus’s 2004 entry but with a more gravelly voice, and it sounds great with the swing-y, lounge-y entry. The tune’s also pretty catchy, and given a seeming ballad-heavy year, it’s nice to have a more uptempo song with beats strong enough to hear but not distracting from the song.

Also: The air-violinist is great. There’s a chance she might join the ranks of Epic Sax Guy.

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