2015 Review: Iceland

After last year’s performance (which actually wasn’t that bad), Iceland’s RÚV chose to send María Ólafsdóttir to ESC with the song “Unbroken”.


Compared to last year, I prefer this entry since it’s more accessible at first listen. Though the lyrics may sound a little cliché and the tune a little repetitive to some, I think it’s still pretty good. The lyrics are simple, accessible, and easily interpreted by the audience:  “I’m letting go,” “a step at a time,” “pick up the pieces and put them back together till I’m unbroken,” “get out of the darkness and into the light forever”, and the song’s pretty Ohrwurm-y.

From a personal perspective, the lyrics discuss gradually letting go of my ex-refrigerator, accepting myself, and my current trial of overcoming depression. It may have taken nearly five years, one botched relationship, having to start over multiple times, and countless nights of music therapy, but the ex-refrigerator and the one person in German class have been separated so much that they’re not even the same person anymore. Continuing on the journey, I’m still trying to accept who I am because the refrigerator brought out so many things that I never noticed. I’m still trying to pick myself up from having surprise meltdowns only controlled with Mountain Dew, the South Park movie, and the geography department, since it can be hard convincing me that I’m whole after constantly getting told off and called a POS. But as the song (and life in general) states, everything happens a step at a time. It could mean putting down the Mountain Dew. It could mean pulling out my chem notebook and studying the notes again. It could even mean holding my tongue and texting a friend when my family starts acting up.

I hope that it gets to the finals. “Unbroken” isn’t my winner, but I do wish Maria and her team luck in Vienna.





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