2015 Review: Lithuania

Ahh, Lithuania and your 12-week marathon of Eurovizijos, which selects the song and artist separately…it’s always a pleasure to find out that the national final ended and the song AND artist are finally chosen.

After Vilija’s (slightly confusing) performance last year shouting for attention, Lithuania chose Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkytė to represent the country with the song “This Time.”

I first watched the performance with the volume off because a) I didn’t have my headphones and b) certain people in the house aren’t fans of me blasting music at 23:30. Since it was pretty basic staging, all I noticed was that:

  1. Monika looked like Madilyn Bailey
  2. Vaidas looked like a cross between David Lindgren (probably due to the suit), Sebalter, and Andrius Pojavis
  3. They look like they’re having fun on stage.
  4. But why is there a kiss in the middle of the performance?

After turning on the music, I decided that I liked the song. It’s got country-folksy vibes to it (reminds me of Sebalter/Firelight/Texas Lightning), and it’s really hard not to tap my foot or nod my head along to the performance. I’ve only got two major gripes so far:

  1. The 3-second kiss is really annoying because I want to hear a full uninterrupted version and I can’t find a duet version without applause and PDA 90 seconds in. Vaidas does have a solo studio version, but there’s no studio duet yet.
  2. Even though it’s easy to follow the beat, when I turn the sound off and try to hum the tune I end up humming “No No Never” instead. Maybe I just have to spam my ears with the song for a few nights and sing along with.

Overall it’s a much more accessible entry than last year. I hope they get to the final in May.


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