It’s not always about love

By the time I finish this post, it will finally not be 14. February, and I’ll just be sitting in house eating discount chocolate that was overpriced for the first 2 weeks of February.

I’m stuck in one of those awkward moments right now: I am currently in a relationship but I absolutely despise Valentine’s Day. There’s an overload of pink/hearts/overpriced chocolate/flowers/etc. to deal with and in my opinion it’s pretty much just spamming my senses. It’s already enough that I’m not a fan of people using the word “cute” on a daily basis and that I can’t stand over-the-top cheesiness. It only gets more complicated when my lactose intolerance starts affecting the giant fondue pot called Eurovision.

Because the EBU tried to replace WWIII with a yearly apolitical sing-off, the stereotype is that every song is another obnoxious song about love. It doesn’t matter if it’s supposed to shine a light, set you free, or light your fire/up your desire/take you higher. (Yes I had to do that). It’s still another cliché love song. However, the songs don’t have to be about love. So here are some alternative topics that have shown up in ESC:

1 )World Peace
This is probably the second most common topic in ESC, also due to the EBU trying to avoid WWIII. Maybe the song’s about friends/enemies getting along or being thankful for being alive. Or maybe it’s about astronauts not seeing wars and political boundaries from space. Or let’s just be super generic and send a song about a kid wishing for a little bit of peace. But just make sure that it’s not going to be a super ironic entry…

2)Current events
Don’t have an SO or ex to sing about and you don’t want to sing about world peace? Sing about what you saw on Monday morning TV (or whenever you watch the news), or how you feel about it. Some entries in the past discussed a protest against building a hydroelectric dam, the Beslan school hostage crisis, part of your country breaking up, or the recent Charlie Hebdo shootings. Georgia went a little bit too far in 2009, when their song, a reaction against the war in Ossetia, was denied participation by Russia.

3)Eurovision itself
What do you do when someone asks you to perform, but you don’t really want to? Talk about the contest sarcastically and try your best to make a fool of yourself on stage. Throw confetti on yourself and leave the stage only after taking a picture of the audience. And make a point that you want to come in last.

4)The social network
There’s already a movie for Facebook. Why not write a song about it? Disclaimer: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And if you are going to write a song about something, probably do some research about how people actually use the internet and social network first…

5)Raising Awareness
Considering that over 180 million people tune into the ESC final, it’s easy to spread a message that everyone can hear. And if people are willing to listen, this is a good time to raise awareness for issues and concerns, like HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and child abuse.

6)Genghis Khan
No other words needed.

If you want to talk about floating in the air but you don’t want to talk about love, just go the literal route and start talking about birds. For some reason, grounded birds have shown up more than flying birds. These include penguins that want to travel the world, song thrushes complaining that their feet are cold, and birds falling from the rooftop.

8)A lovely horse (Austria 1957/Father Ted episode)
How can I forget Father Ted (and Father Dougal)’s attempt to send a song to Eurovision? Anyways, Austria actually sent an entry about a horse in the second year of ESC. And they definitely did not have a sax solo.


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