30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 10

Prompt: Favorite use of an instrument during a performance

After the 1998 contest, all instruments turned into props and ended up on the backing tracks along with the orchestra. As a result, there’s no way a song like Nocturne would win again when people all know it’s an instrumental backing (Sorry Slovenia 2009).

It’s also why I’m not going to pick an entry with “serious” use of an instrument. Instead, let’s go with the equipment for the new Wii Parachute, also known as one of the drums from The Shin. Yes, he’s still got two mallets in his hand, but you have to give him credit for standing up on a snare and jumping off of it.

Unfortunately, Wii Parachute is still in beta testing, and there’s a chance it’s not going to make it to the market.


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