2015 Review: Cyprus

I checked the calendar a little bit too late for the Eurovision Song Project, or the Cypriot national selection. Even though the results weren’t written on Wikipedia yet when I looked up the contest live stream, the winning reprise of “One Thing I Should Have Done” by Giannis Karagiannis was already being performed and then the credits rolled a minute later. And I only had two comments at the time:

  • Wait, that’s the winning song/performance? It looks like something that I would hear at open mike night and it’s another “I regret doing something stupid leading up to our relationship ending” song.
  • Performance aside, the guy looks like Noey Jacobson from the Maccabeats (the guy in the space suit). It’s probably because of the glasses.

A few days later I found one more comment for the song because a lot of vocal ESC fans on YouTube decided to rank OTISHD last:

  • Thank you YouTubers for not ranking Macedonia (FYR) last anymore in your top XX ESC entries of the year. Because how could you rank an entry that makes you feel warm and fuzzy last?!

As of so far, it’s not my favourite entry. I still can’t really listen to the song unless I’m in the right mood, but when I feel calm enough to listen to OTISHD, the song’s actually kind of sweet and calming, like the cup of coffee that’s in my hand during open mike night at 11:00 pm with way too much creamer and sugar. The song’s a bit like the Cypriot entry from 2004 or the Hungarian entry from 2013 (without the Zoohacker Remix), but I’m not sure if its simplicity is enough to get enough votes.


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