2015 Review: Georgia

While some Americans (as in the people who are planning on going to “Yugoslovakia”) are probably asking why Georgia, but not the remaining 49 states in the USA, can participate in the ESC, I’m busy asking why organic chemistry terms have appeared in my Eurovision playlist. Apparently the fact that I look at water molecules as Jedheads when they see ions, or the observation that my chem prof looked exactly like Christer Björkman was not enough. Now it’s time for every ESC fan to start Googling the term “oximated.” And apparently it’s the formation of these: They’re like imines, but with an oxygen atom between the nitrogen and hydrogen.

Anyways, the song…

After a national final at an awkward time (14:00 on a Wednesday/8:00 my time zone), Georgia selected Nina Sublatti’s Warrior out of five performances. As of so far, the song stands out as one of the more upbeat songs with ethnopop elements, and I really like it. And it’s not a ridiculous title like “We are Freeeee” (yes it actually had 5 E’s).



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