2015 Review: Malta

So I wasted a bunch of time deciding how to write this post (mainly because of unwanted personal issues over winter break)…anyways, Malta selected their entry right after Junior Eurovision to maximize their stage at Malta Shipbuilding. After hearing that the festival lasted approximately 4 hours (mostly from countless ads for Mediterranean Bank or interval acts), I decided to wait for the results the next day. Eventually, the jury and televoters awarded full points to Amber and her song “Warrior.”

Wikipedia informed me that Amber (last name Bondin) had already participated once at Eurovision as one of Kurt Calleja’s backing vocalists, as in the female singer who sang two lines after the dubstep bridge and into the final refrain. But this year she’s not doing dance/standard Swedish pop. Instead, she joined forces with Matt Muxu Mercieca and Elton Zarb, the team behind Gaia Cauchi’s JESC win and Federica Falzon’s 4th place to sing an emotional power ballad.

Due to my crazy Six Degrees of Separation though processes,  the first thing I thought of after listening to Amber belting out “Break through the silence” was “If you get mono and your spleen explodes, you’re in big trouble because there’s a major artery there.” Random thoughts aside, the song is more relevant when talking about meltdowns and controlling emotions. What Muxu calls “suffering silently” I call “turning it off,” both of which are bottling up inside a pressure cooker and never getting a chance to let it all out except for the occasional hell dream. Eventually everything has to come out, and it might shatter the world as you know it. But one day it’s going to get better.


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