2015 Review: Belarus

After years of switching songs after their national final (and finally breaking the trend last year), I wonder if Belarus is going to start a new trend of sending songs that actually sending EuroFest winners. Let’s see if Uzari and Maimuna actually go to Vienna with their entry, “Time.”

Like the Macedonian entry, part of me was going “yes!” (cue fist pump)after learning that I had heard of the winning artist Uzari (pronounced “You-zari”) before the national final. Cue another fist pump for remembering that he co-composed one of my favourite 2014 Junior Eurovision entries, “Sokal” (which undeservedly received 7th place).

I didn’t watch the national final, so I only heard bits and pieces around the Internet that “Alexander Rybak’s group MILKI didn’t win”, “the song sound[ed] kind of disappointing”, “the violinist reminded [blogger or commenter] of Lindsey Stirling”, and “the graphics were great.”

After watching the performance, I couldn’t remember the lyrics besides “Time is like thunder-uh-uh-uh” and didn’t really understand why it was like thunder.  But as others mentioned, the visuals were great. The background was definitely pretty cool (despite the huge floating clocks reminding me of Israel’s 2012 entry), especially when huge numbers quickly counted on the screen and a “battle” scene between Uzari and Maimuna that reminded me of Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling’s Skyrim video.

So they’ve definitely got the visuals down. Now it’s time to work on the vocals. Also, does anyone who listens to Celtic Thunder think Uzari looks like Ryan Kelly?



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