Eurovision Sightings all over Uni

Even though my family’s tried bribing me to stop watching/listening to/talking about ESC, I don’t think it’s even possible today because it’s completely bled into uni…

I swear my professors all look or sound like Eurovision participants this semester:

  • My anatomy lecture professor looks like Trijntje Oosterhuis (Netherlands 2015)
  • My anatomy lab professor looks like Daria Kinzer (Croatia 2011), just minus the smile
  • My biology professor looks like Imaani (UK 1998). It’s probably because of the hair. And that she said she sings when she isn’t teaching. And because I sit in the back of the classroom because I’m almost always running late.
  • My chem lab professor looks like Vanessa Chinitor (Belgium 1999). Once again, it’s the hair. But she’s more likely to give me nil pointe for bad lab procedures than start singing…
  • My communications professor sounds like Mei Finegold (Israel 2014).

I think I need to limit my YouTube time, otherwise people in real life are going to start looking like people on TV. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


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