2015 Review: Netherlands

My first impulse was to start a full review of the Macedonian entry, but I decided it was a better idea to work with an English-language entry and then look up the lyric translation sometime later. Also, I connected to this song much more quickly than the other entries so far.

Overall, the song appears to be in good hands: AVRO/TROS left the power to Anouk, the first Dutch entrant to reach the final since 2004. She then wrote the entry “Walk Along” for Trijntje Oosterhuis, who’s currently a coach on The Voice of Holland. (I can’t comment on how famous she is because I live in the US and had never heard of her until the official Eurovision announcement.) It’s also a really catchy, Ohrwurm-y tune that sounds like a commercial radio hit that I’m guessing should get the audience’s attention in less than one listen. As seen by her performance on The Voice, she can definitely pull it off live.

While I have no problem with the tune, I’m not a fan of the lyrics. It’s not that the lyrics are really repetitive or that the “why-y-y-y” could sound grating to some people’s ears after a few listens, but the lyrics pretty much retells my high school love story without any metaphors. If the “why-y-y-y” gets replaced with me not being able to concentrate on schoolwork and almost failing class, then it’s almost the same thing. And because of that, in my opinion the lyrics sound really stupid.  Instead of something like “I tripped on a refrigerator cord at Lowe’s and had to buy it, but then it froze everything in the garage and my family saw nothing but a load of freezer damage,” the story turns into, “There was this guy in class that I liked, but when I asked him if he liked me he wouldn’t talk to me for over a year, and I spent that time being really confused. And it also negatively affected other aspects of my life.” Personal bias aside, the song shouldn’t do too badly if the Dutch delegation chooses effective staging. And even if I don’t like the lyrics, I’ll remember the song for at least a month after my last listen.


2 comments on “2015 Review: Netherlands

  1. […] a personal perspective, the lyrics discuss gradually letting go of my ex-refrigerator, accepting myself, and my current trial of overcoming depression. It may have taken nearly five […]

  2. […] registers I switched too. Lyric-wise it also felt nice to complain the love was messed up (*cough* guy in German class *cough*) and not like water. They probably also justified the creepy floating faces, but I’m […]

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