Dance Your Problems Away

So I was told by certain family members (NOT my doctor) to lose some weight. (These are the same family members who tell me that my uni sucks and isn’t a real uni). I don’t mind that they reminded me because uni food isn’t really the healthiest food in the world (instant ramen 2.0, canteen burgers, and no vegetables FTW), but did they really have to tell me two days before going on vacation, in places where there’s going to be overpriced  generic all-you-can-eat buffets of food? That’s probably the worst possible combination when trying to go on a diet. There’s so much food that you can see but then your mind starts calculating how many flights of stairs it takes to clear out the calories. And then because it’s overpriced, your mind also starts calculating how the economic worth of the food. I don’t really think I can land at maximum worth with minimal calories, unless maybe it’s one of those supposedly “healthy” hot pot places where the specialty is the wide variety of greens and vegetables that go into the stew pot before binging on shacha and meatballs.

If restricting what goes in is really hard, then I’ll have to go the other route: increase what goes out, a.k.a. exercising, something that uni students don’t really find in their time because of something called the Internet (Yay for ADHD time traveling). But then there’s stress from work/school/bad news from family/feeling like an idiot for reading YouTube fights with over 200 responses and then looking up the troll on Google+ just to see what they fights they started/etc. In that case, there’s something called having a spontaneous dance party. (And yes, I chose this song simply because it had the word “dance” in it. Maybe I should have chosen Wild Dances instead. And “Dansevise” doesn’t sound that dance party friendly)[/embed]

Close the windows, turn up the schlager as loud as your neighbors will allow (As in you might need headphones if you do this at 3AM), and just dance your problems away. It’s okay if you look stupid since no one’s watching, and you’ll just look like an idiot with a bit of runner’s high at the end anyways.

Or there’s always the option of going to the gym and running on the treadmill to your favourite songs. But just saying, the numbers don’t really change if you decide to follow the rhythm of Gregorian chants…


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