30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 9

Prompt: Your favourite ESC staging
I’m really tempted to resort to saying it’s the Netherlands 2014 due to the road, the black and white background, and the intimacy felt on stage, but I already used it once when asked to choose my favourite Dutch entry. Instead, I’m going to choose Sweden’s most recent winning entry for being a modern spin on Bernini’s “The Ecstasy of St. Teresa.”

If Bernini were alive when wind machines were around, he would have used them a lot. Instead of hundreds of layers carved into marble to appear as if it were floating, all he would need to do is point a wind machine at someone’s loose outfit to obtain the same effect. As long as the lighting was right singer/dancer could get the right facial expressions, Bernini would be able to create a living sculpture for much less (especially considering the price of marble today). To then fit the music genre he was creating the scene for, he would just darken the mood to let the key word be “mysterious” instead of “glorious.”

The only problem is that St. Teresa covers a single instant, while Loreen covers 3 minutes which could represent even longer. So Bernini would have to get a good choreographer too.

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