News After Thanksgiving

So I said I would be gone due to Thanksgiving in the US. Except then Black Friday (a.k.a. Shopping Brawl of the year) happened. A lot of people are trying to avoid getting trampled/smashed/having their holiday shopping turn into the Hunger Games, so they’re shopping online instead. It’s great that people won’t steal their stuff, but at the same time they take up all the Wi-Fi as well. And this means that I can’t post anything XD.

Anyways, Bosnia-Herzegovina is out, the Czech Republic is in, and Bulgaria is out. I have a feeling that Bulgaria might return the year after, since they did a really good job at JESC, and hopefully the Czech Republic get more than 10 points (their total after 3 years of participation) at a time. Bosnia- Herzegovina might not return due to troubles collecting broadcasting fees, but I really wish they came back especially after Hari Mata Hari and Regina.

San Marino’s chosen their artists, and surprise, surprise, it’s NOT Valentina Monetta. Instead, they headed straight for their JESC archives for Michele Perniola (JESC 2013) and Anita Simoncini (member of the Peppermints, from JESC 2014). At least we know a) they can sing and b) Anita’s probably going to be the youngest participant ever since the 16-or-over rule appeared. I’m pretty happy that Valentina’s not coming back for a 4th try, since I had a feeling that the main reason for getting her to the final was to get her out of the competition…

Malta’s also chosen their artist and song for 2015, and it’s Amber (Bondin) with the song “Warrior.” I don’t know how to feel about it yet. A lot of people are saying that it reminds them of Helena Paparizou’s Melfest entry “Survivor”, though the first song that I thought of was Moldova’s 2014 entry (and also Bosnia 2012 due to her dress). It’s got a lot of power behind her when she “screams” (cue people correcting me for using quotation marks because it’s still singing) in the refrain, but she can still be gentle in the verses.


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