30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 7

Prompt: Your Favourite Dutch Entry

(Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving in the USA, so I probably won’t post because I’ll be in a food coma then.)

I could read the prompt and accidentally think that it’s my favourite German entry because Dutch and Deutsch are that similar. But since it’s not in the 30 Days Challenge, I’ll assume the challenge specifies that I’m supposed to talk about the Netherlands instead.

I’m not a big fan of most Dutch entries before 2013 when the long string of non-qualifying entries finally ended, though 1969 (my favourite out of the 4 winning entries), 2003 (if she represented the UK then the UK wouldn’t have gotten 0 points), and 2011 (Dutch version >> English version) are pretty good. And then came Anouk, who brought the Netherlands into the final. I don’t like following the crowd very much, but my favourite Dutch entry at the moment is their 2014 entry.

I didn’t like the unplugged/acoustic preview of entry at first listen, but the official version took me by complete surprise. Maybe it was the simple baseline that I couldn’t stop tapping my foot to, or that I had just broken up with someone a few weeks ago, or maybe the song didn’t sound like a Eurovision entry, that I couldn’t stop listening to it and singing along with the refrain. In fact, it’s stuck in my head as I’m typing this entry right now.

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