30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 6

Prompt: Your Favourite Portuguese entry

Portugal usually isn’t on my list of songs to pay attention to, since they don’t do very well in the contest (never won the competition or even placed in the top 5). It didn’t really help that RTP sent a joke entry in 2011 or that they dropped out in 2013. It also didn’t help that when I started following the contest in fall 2010 and trying to recognize the songs of that year’s contest, I could listen to Ha Dias Assim for the full 3 minutes and not know what was playing.

Nevertheless, Portugal’s 2008 and 2009 entries stick out as two of my favourite entries: Instead of trying to enter something schlager-y (*cough* what happened in 2006), RTP went back home and pulled out some of their folk tradition, sending “Senhora do Mar” in 2008, a fado ballad that sounds like it was pulled out of musical theatre somewhere. Because I usually can’t decide between the two, I’ll go with this one at the moment.

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