30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 5

Prompt: Your favourite Swedish entry

I’m guessing that a lot of people tend to just choose Sweden’s 1974 winning entry because it’s probably the most famous (so famous that people outside the ESC world know about the song). Let’s just rule that one out because out of the entire ABBA CD my mom played in the car, Waterloo was probably one of my least favourite tracks; my favourite track was Super Trouper.

Because sometimes it seems like every song (at least those in the schlager department) sounds the same, it’s really hard to pick one. However, if I had to choose one at gunpoint right now, it would be Sweden’s 2014 entry, mainly because of the crazy emotional crap that I’m stuck in right now. And of course, life doesn’t have a rewind button; nor can I just hit Ctrl-Z to delete stupid things that happened…

If I weren’t in such a terrible mood right now, I would probably have chosen Sweden’s 2012 entry

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