30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 4

Prompt: Your favourite Maltese entry

I just looked at my music folder for Maltese entries trying to decide which one to pick as my favourite. I like 2005, because I can hand whistle the song (screw you computer for having a really bad microphone). I like 2013, because a) it’s a great sing-a-long and b) it reminds me that someone can be pre-med and still love to sing. I also like 2014 because it’s great to sing at full blast in the shower and annoy the hell out of my suite mate who’s still sleeping at 6:30 AM. But then there’s Malta’s debut entry in 1971:

I can’t sing a word of the song besides the scatting (ba-ba-bada-baj-la-baj-la…), but it’s so much fun to listen to and try to sing along in the car and it’s such a cheerful song. Not to mention, everyone in older ESC entries appears to stand still and just concentrate on the song and their facial muscles. This guy seems to not be able to stand still (while the ADHD bit of me thinks, “Yay, I’m not alone!). So if that’s going to happen, why not have some fun on stage because the juries are going to rank him last place anyways?

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