30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 3

Prompt: Your favourite 2nd placed entry

I don’t like making decisions, because they tend to take way too long to make. For example, I’ll look at my refrigerator and want to go to the nearby Asian market to buy food. I’ll walk the 1 hour to the market (no one wants to drive me there), spend an hour looking at the junk food. During those 2 hours I debate whether to buy [insert food here] and can’t make up my mind until it’s too late and I have to head back to uni. Suddenly in class I remember that I should have bought the stuff and then that’s the only thing that sticks to my mind. Anyways, I’m torn between three entries: Serbia and Montenegro 2004, Turkey 2010, and Netherlands 2014 since all of them mean something important to me (as in excuses for me to rant about relationship issues with the ex-refrigerator).

I had to choose Lane Moje because I’m a sucker for Balkan ballads, and the way that Željko Joksimović crams too many well-selected syllables into one line really fit the way I felt about my ex-refrigerator (because ex-not-ex sounded really clunky, and the person was cold, so he’s now ex-refrigerator). At the time I still loved him (or at least the perceived version of him) even though he quit talking to me for over a year, and I didn’t know how to tell anyone what was going on. But when I heard the song, it was as if someone placed words in my mouth. I could express my feelings without really knowing what the words meant because the sounds already told the story, I could have a 3 minute zone to have a meltdown, and I could lose control of my emotions for those 3 minutes. (Granted, I had to force myself to listen to the song at first since Balkan ballads are as much an acquired taste as salmiakki, fermented tofu, or coffee is, but then I found out that I liked it more than the winning entry).

Even though I’m only supposed to choose one entry, I’ll cheat a little and throw in the Netherlands 2014 entry because it works literally as the “calm after the storm” (meltdown/years that I felt confused about the above issue). Yes, I still think about him sometimes, but it’s not like back then anymore. The memories are still there, just like the annoying blotch on my foot when I sit on it for too long…

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