30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 2

Prompt: Your Favourite ESC ethnopop song

I wanted to write about Croatia’s 2006 entry, but I felt lazy at the time and didn’t want to look up Alt codes or click for symbols in Microsoft Word. Instead, I’ll just choose another of my favorites, Finland’s 2010 entry. [Cue one my friends threatening to hide all his salmiakki if I don’t choose this song…]

When I was still discovering Eurovision in late 2010/early 2011, I found this song from someone’s “My top 39 ESC 2010 entries” YouTube ranking. And the refrain was stuck in my head after less than 20 seconds. Maybe it was the accordions or how much the song wanted me to sing along with and/or dance with.

At the same time, it’s probably one of those songs that also explains why people don’t play music in the lab: No, you can’t dance in the lab and carry $200 bottles of anhydrous ether. No, you can’t sing the refrain while the prof is lecturing about the procedure.

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