30 Days of Eurovision Challenge- Day 1

Prompt: Your favorite ESC ballad

Even though I’m a total sucker for Balkan ballads, I’m not going to choose one  because I simply can’t. There’s Željko Joksimović’s four entries, there’s Bistra Voda, there’s Lako je Sve, etc. Instead, my pick for my favourite ESC ballad (as of right now) is Kuula by Ott Lepland , which represented Estonia in 2012.

I’ve been having a rough week, and I’ve been constantly tempted to go back to skipping class to binge watch the South Park movie multiple times with a bottle of blue Mountain Dew and a bowl of crockpot chicken stew. Thoughts keep racing through my head as if they’re on little motorcycles trying to run me over with a meltdown, and I keep saying to myself, “I don’t want to be a liquid; I want to be a solid!” Sometimes I try to find a happy schlager/dance track to cheer myself up and get back, but then it feels like the song’s making fun of me by being super happy in my face and I still can’t get up.

Instead, ballads give me a bit more time to wake up at a slower pace, and this one helps that once it builds up there’s a positive feeling inside of me. And I don’t need to understand the lyrics to understand that it helps.

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