JESC 2014: The aftermath

I decided to wait a little bit before posting my thoughts on Junior Eurovision and complaining, “But my favourite country didn’t win and therefore this contest sucks.” (I don’t have the right to complain about the contest anyways because I didn’t watch it in the first place. Thanks, physics test.) All I watched was the last 5 minutes of the voting, when Italy, Armenia, and Bulgaria already had over 100 points and was thinking, “What? This is not what I expected…”

Anyways, congrats to Italy’s Vincenzo Cantiello for winning Junior Eurovision 2014 with the song “Tu primo grande amore” (Your first great love) with 159 points.

Italy- 159 pts

I’ll admit, the song was waaaaay off my radar because I wasn’t a fan of the song and often skipped it while watching Top XXX JESC 2014 entries videos on YouTube.

Bulgaria- 147 pts
Armenia- 146 pts

Malta- 116 pts

Before the contest, it felt like a marmite entry that people would either love or hate. And they loved it.

Russia- 96 pts
Ukraine- 74 pts
Belarus- 71 pts
Netherlands- 70 pts
Cyprus- 69 pts
Serbia- 61 pts
Georgia- 54 pts
Slovenia- 29 pts
Sweden- 28 pts
Montenegro- 24 pts
San Marino- 21 pts
Croatia- 13 pts

Because every country starts with 12 points, this means that Croatia only got one point from the voting. I felt really bad for Josie, because out of all 16 entrants she was the only one to compose the music and lyrics herself, while everyone else’s entries were written partially or completely by adults (e.g. G:Son, Alex Payani). This is probably why Norway left: Is JESC a contest where kids write songs for kids, or is it a contest where adults write songs for kids (often without involving the kids)?


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