Let’s think of a random title

So after telling my family that I set up a Twitter account, they told me they didn’t know what my blog name was. Yes, they’ve looked at some of my posts for about 5 seconds, but they gave up after looking at what it was called. It’s kind of hard looking at “barfussevrovizija” and coming up with something coherent besides “What the…how do you pronounce this?”

Why did I put choose the name? I like going barefoot, and I also like Eurovision. The blog was supposed to just be called “Barefoot Eurovision,” but I thought it wasn’t very interesting. After deciding to do something else first, I watched Leto Svet with the English subtitles on. As usual, the performance was hilariously bad with Google Translated lyrics that made absolutely no sense:

And after that I decided to throw in some really bad German along with some even worse Serbian into the mix. It makes as much sense as me talking sometimes when I get really tired and/or distracted: sometimes one thought will end up having 3 languages because I can’t think of the right word in the right language, and  then some really random thought gets paired up right next to it. (e.g. “Faen! Why does this website have to be spiegelverkehrt? [looks at now empty ramen 2.0 wrapper] And now I’m out of ramen 2.0 but I can’t get any because it’s already 3 AM and the store won’t open for another 8 hours and by the time it’s going to be lab time and I’ll have to wear shoes.   And I want food, but I don’t want to think about my ex-refrigerator but I will because it’s right next to my bed…)

So congratulations…
a) “I have arrived” 
b) “and celebrations”

the title’s pretty much from a self-diagnosed ADHD person’s thought processes.


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