And our first song of the season is out!

While I was busy

a) typing lab reports (yay for procrastinating on organic chem lab!)
b) sleeping in (because I had been procrastinating on the lab reports and ended up finishing them at 3:00 AM)
c) stress cooking (due to the lab reports)

a lot of stuff happened in the Eurovision world:

RTBF internally selected Loic Nottet , a former contestant of the Voice Belgique to represent Belgium. I’m guessing that since Roberto Bellarosa (also a Voice Belgique contestant) got to the final in 2013, why fix something that’s not broken?

Anouk revealed that she co-wrote a song for Trijntje Oosterhuis, who will represent the Netherlands in May. And then AVROTROS confirmed this. (By the way: how do you pronounce her name?)

And Macedonia (FYR) held its national final Skopje Fest today (at least it’s still “today” in the USA as I’m writing this). A few former Macedonian ESC participants (Vlatko Ilievski, 2011, and Tamara Todevska, 2008) tried for a second time to be able to sing on the Eurovision stage, but eventually the prize went to Daniel Kajmakoski, who won the first season of X-Faktor Adria, with the song “Lisja Esenski” (“Autumn Leaves”). Though I haven’t closely listened to the song yet, I was a little excited because I knew who the singer was (mainly due to being spammed by Zeljko Joksimovic‘s YouTube page). Also, if you watch his Skopje Fest performance, it’s really hard to focus on anything besides his bright yellow shoes.

[5 minutes later: The song’s a ballad, but it doesn’t sound like a stereotypical Balkan ballad. Instead, it sounds a lot like a schlager ballad that you might hear at Melodifestivalen; something more like Linus Svenning’s “Bröder” or Sanna Nielsen’s “Undo”]

Great. Now I’ll have to get back to those lab reports. Thanks a lot, uni.


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