New Tomorrow? Only if you voted!

So the US held midterm elections a few days ago, and now a lot of people (namely left-leaning people) are really ticked off because of the Republican takeover of congress because people didn’t vote. It’s really sad to see that most people only vote during presidential elections every 4 years (which we don’t even vote directly for because of the electoral college), while there’s around 20% voter turnout on non-presidential election years. And the senators/representatives/governors/judges/school board members affect our lives more than the president does.

And I probably should have posted this before the elections, but here it is:

Come on boys, come on girls
In this crazy, crazy world
You’re the diamonds, you’re the pearls
Let’s make a new tomorrow

Come on girls, come on boys,
It’s your future, it’s your choice
And your weapon is your voice [vote]
Let’s make a new tomorrow today

So you say your vote doesn’t count? It does even more when only 1/5 of the population votes…


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