And Montenegro has selected…

When I read that Montenegro selected its artist for 2015, I was pretty surprised. With the exception of Valentina Monetta announcing to do a three-peat in 2014 last summer, ESC season was pretty much dead until December and Festivali i Këngës started and (recently) when SF started internet voting for songs.

And when RTCG announced that the artist would be Knez (Nenad Knežević), I had two thoughts running through my head:

  • Wait, doesn’t “knez” mean “prince”? So what would happen if Montenegro sent Prince instead of Knez…not that would ever happen…
  • Hang on a second…I think I’ve seen this guy on Tvoje lice zvuči poznato (Serbian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar), and he did a cover version of Lejla before YouTube muted the video.

Montenegro qualified for the first time this year since 2007. Let’s see if Knez can get to the final next year too.

Let the ESC 2015 season officially begin!


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