Piecing together a love story

If I randomly picked a ESC entry to play out of all of the songs through history, it would most likely be a love song (unless it was about an old carousel, world peace, social networking, the Eurozone crisis, or whatever the hell this is) And I’m guessing that at least a few songs would be able to fit on the same storyline. Sure, it’s going to be cheesy, but what else could be cheesier than a fondue pot if Eurovision isn’t?

I’m not going to say that these songs are are actually related in any way, since they’re from separate contests, artists, countries, and genders. But just as a coincidence, it works.

1. Person falls in love with someone, doesn’t know what to do, and asks their mom for advice. Armenia, JESC 2010: “Mama”- Vladimir Arzumanyan

2. Person builds up courage and asks the person out. Lithuania, ESC 2013: “Something”- Andrius Pojavis

3. Person decides that this love isn’t right, and then complains to their mom that her advice sucked. Russia, ESC 2009: “Mamo”- Anastasia Prikhodko

4. And then the person leaves with no regrets to anything, including what they wore on stage. Macedonia (FYR), ESC 2005: “Make My Day”- Martin Vučić



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