11 Years of Ukraine’s Participation, pt.2

2009: Svetlana Loboda- Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl) – 12th

  • Is it a bad thing that the first thing I think of is “stripper on a hamster wheel/hell machine/whatever it is”? Because after that comes the more civil stuff: the song that followed Norway’s entry that year, the song which finally won after the whole incident involving Anastasia Prikhodko, etc.
  • Judging by the music video and the performance alone, I don’t get why the Wikipedia article states that the song is about fighting domestic violence. Maybe it’s supposed to be interpreted with a bit of sarcasm/irony?

2010: Alyosha- Sweet People- 10th


  • I remember the music video more than the live performance, especially one scene when a TV is getting smashed. Every once in a while a part of the verse shows up (typically “Oh, sweet people, what about our children? In theatres and video games…”)
  • And then she dominated the stage alone.

2011: Mika Newton- Angel- 4th

  • Is it a bad thing that a) I barely ever listened to the English version besides short sound bites of it in “Top XX of 2011” lists and that b) all I really remember is the sand lady Kseniya Simonova?

2012: Gaitana- Be My Guest- 15th

  • Hmmm… it’s a football chant. I guess this tactic was applied by France in 2010 for World Cup Season?
  • Also, I guess it’s a great way to breach the “6 people on stage” rule.

2013: Zlata Ognevich- Gravity- 3rd

  • It took me a while to get used to the final version, that is WAY AFTER the final ended (probably about 4-5 months later in the fall), since I really liked the line, “You’ll never break free from gravity.” (Yes, even though the final version is cleaner, has an actual music video, and was actually performed on the ESC stage with the tallest person living in the USA who’s actually from Ukraine. And I think my thoughts are rambling a bit…)

2014: Mariya Yaremchuk- Tick Tock- 6th

  • Current thoughts about the song: Why does the song somehow remind me of Wake Me Up sometimes? It’s probably the beat…

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