I have to tell you something…to fix myself

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed from everything right now. I keep waking up hours later than I used to wake up, and I constantly feel cranky and/or tired. Instead of paying attention to assignments that are due the next day, I spent the day sitting in front of my computer watching the South Park movie multiple times while nursing a bottle of Mountain Dew, eating dry ramen 2.0, and complaining that I don’t have enough tea packs to make paper cranes with (even though I could have simply stood up, left my room, and found some tea packs as well as gone to class). And then I keep thinking, “Aw, it’s only 6:30; my classes don’t start until 3 hours later. Why do I have to get up?” or “But the class moves so slowly and/or feels so pointless and/or I’ve done something similar to this in the past, so why do I have to go to class?”

So why am I posting this? I’m doing this because if I just say it in my head I’ll probably end up going to stay in my room watching the South Park movie for the nth time this week instead. If it’s written and posted I can’t take it back. So here goes: From this day forward, I will not skip class nor will I miss any assignments. I’ve had the issue with assignments for too long and it’s got to stop.

I just wish I had a bit of support like how Manuel Ortega describes in his 2003 entry. Maybe it’s super cheesy (then again, I should be going to bed soon), but it’s something I need right now: enthusiastic, supportive, and repetitive enough to get the job done.


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