11 Years of Ukraine’s participation Pt.1

NTU (National Television Company of Ukraine) announced last week that they were pulling out of Eurovision because of all the conflict that’s occurred since the ehm… “Cry Me A River” incident in January. Even though I get that participating in ESC isn’t cheap and focusing on internal affairs is more important right now, I still feel a little disappointed that they’re not joining next year. They’re one of five countries that have always qualified for the final since 2004, and out of their 11 years of participation they’ve placed in the top 10 seven times.

Some of my (random) thoughts on their past entries:

2003: Oleksandr Ponomaryov- Hasta la Vista (14th)

-The guy looks like my classmate Evan. Or Evan looks like him. Anyways, it would be really random telling him, “Hey, you look like this one guy from Ukraine.”Maybe I should get off YouTube for a while…
-It’s not my favourite Ukrainian entry but I don’t hate any of them. If it’s playing on ESC Radio I’m not going to shut it off and I’ll probably still sing along with.

2004: Ruslana- Wild Dances (1st)

-17 points? Serbia and Montenegro was only 17 points from winning? What?! (After calming down, I decided that it was still a great winner. Not to mention, it actually took me a while to appreciate Lane Moje).
-It’s really catchy. Hopefully my roommate doesn’t tell me off for singing too loud while getting dressed in the bathroom…
-I’m not really sure how it spread all over the world. First there was Eurovision. And then it showed up on GTAIV. And then one of the US Women’s Gymnastics routines at the Olympics. And of course it showed up playing in a merry-go-round in the “Arabian Kingdom” section of a Taiwanese theme park…
-My friend Ned kept asking me which song won ESC 2004 when I had just gotten into ESC but had only listened to the 2010 and some 2009 entries.

2005: Greenjolly- Razom Nas Bahato (19th)

-Orange Revolution. Okay.
-I think the fire alarm went off one day when I was listening to this in the shower and singing along…
-Also, I remember listening to this on my mp3 player while waiting for our next Quiz Bowl match, when one of the parents reminded us that we had to work together to win against [pretty much the best team in the district]. We still lost, though not by as much as we thought…

2006: Tina Karol- Show Me Your Love (7th)

-It’s ridiculously catchy. But I couldn’t understand what she was saying in the refrain until I read the lyrics. The YouTube comments didn’t exactly help most the time.
-At the same time, getting someone to read the lyrics in a serious voice was hilarious. Not as good, but almost as good as listening to rap lyrics read in a serious voice.

2007: Verka Serduchka – Dancing Lasha Tumbai (2nd)

-I think my friend Anastasia’s comment summarizes how it goes: “I almost got into a car accident listening to this song.”
-Most people’s reaction: “WTF am I watching?!” Maybe this is why it’s not the best song to introduce people to Eurovision with.

2008: Ani Lorak- Shady Lady (2nd)

-I really like this song. It just felt kind of weird blasting this and Anouk’s “Nobody’s Wife” while in a relationship though.
-Outside of feeling awkward when the song was paired with relationships, it feels really empowering when trying to achieve a goal or trying to feel independent.


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