I found something better…

Every time I hear the phrase “something better” from my family, 99% of the time the words “you could have” precede the phrase and I’ve done something wrong. It also helps [sarcastic mode] that every time I try to explain why I did something, they cut me off saying that I’m apparently the most arrogant person that they’ve ever met [end sarcastic mode]. Maybe they’ve realized that doing this might not be the best idea in the world and that it has turned their kid into a bitter zombie that doesn’t want to do anything except stress eat while watching YouTube, aka constant meltdown.

And let’s just say that pretty much everything is better than having a meltdown. That includes (for me):

  • Finding out a way to make you focus in class
  • Having people to talk to (or giving your thoughts some way out)
  • A good pot of tea (which ironically, is really bitter)
  • Being able to walk barefoot
  • Listening to Something Better (the song)
  • And so much more…



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