Food is not free (or allowed in lab)

This is the closest ESC song I could find which talks about food without copping out, using some breakup song, and trying my (not-so) hardest to convince people that it was about someone on a diet.

This year I don’t have a lunch break. Instead, I have chemistry lab (a.k.a. the closest thing you can get to food without ever touching food or eating food), where the safety manual might as well require hospital masks because nothing is allowed to go into our mouths for 2 hours straight. Sure, I do bring lunch and eat in the class before lab, but it always feels like it’s not enough; that’s called “snacking in class,” not “lunch break.”

I’m sure that my lab instructor is going to read my lab journal observations and think that he’s reading a messed up cookbook: The precipitate clumped up to resemble cottage cheese curds or poorly mixed instant mashed potatoes, the colour is somewhere between Calpis and Yakult, and it smells like vinegar. But it’s hard not to think about food after pretty much skipping (to a uni student) the most important meal of the day, especially when I can’t really cook anything except for stew made from food stolen from the canteen…

Today I noticed that it could turn into some major issue, when I saw some free food on a table. My mind couldn’t think anything other than “FOOD, FOOD, SUGAR, FEED ME!!” until I stopped on what felt like a sugar high. And then I crashed and wanted more food. Maybe it’s time to a) learn how to make better food and b) schedule it at the right time, so I don’t go crazy.

(And because it relates to not knowing how to do stuff including making food, here’s Cake to Bake too…)


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