How to wake up you (and your roommates):

School starts today (at least for me it does), so that means I have to wake up early again. But I want an alarm that a) wakes me up and b) I’m not going to hate after a month. Here are some songs that are pretty good at waking people up:

Iceland 2008- This is My Life: This is usually for when I don’t completely wake up until halfway in the shower, since it’s one of the few songs that I can hear over the loud water. It also helps that there’s some bass and that the lyrics are too catchy to not sing along with.

Sweden 2011- Popular: I only woke up because I hated the song (Or at least the “creepy Swedish guy” from AP testing season years ago). Unfortunately, because I felt like punching the clock (or whatever that was nearby), I ended up having to change the song in two days.

Sweden 1984- Diggiloo-Diggiley: I would say this works on normal, not-too-stressful days (which I don’t know if I’ll have this year). Doing the dance in the shower does help though.

Croatia 1999- Marija Magdalena: If you decide to use this song, you might want to check with your roommate to make sure they are okay with blasting the refrain in the room (for those that might get offended because they don’t understand the lyrics). Otherwise, the first verse should work just fine.

Romania 2006- Tornero– Last year I cut to the refrain, because it would have been creepy hearing the scream in the beginning.

Yugoslavia 1990- Hajde da Ludujemo: This is currently my wake-up alarm, and usually I try to wake up with the guitar riff and get out of bed before Tajči starts singing. (It’s hard when sleeping in a bunk bed, but I have to at least make an effort!) My family says it’s a big improvement to getting rick rolled every morning.

Bonus: Malta 2014- Coming Home: I counted this one as a bonus because there’s no way it would wake me up unless I sing along. However, it might wake my roommate up if I sing the refrain at full blast in the shower with the door open. And it would also make my throat hurt too.


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