Don’t wanna work, work, work…

Every time I say in my head, “I want to be…” it almost always ends up as “busy, busy, busy doing nothin’ at all, just stressin’ over nothin’ don’t bother to call…”

That would be just great, except it’s not happening due to something called uni. And that starts tomorrow morning, so it’s back to getting waking up to Hajde da Ludujemo and trying to get out of bed before Tajči starts singing lyrics. (As of so far, it hasn’t worked…)

As a result, I’m trying to enjoy my last day of freedom binge watching ESC and Melfest (Melodifestivalen) reruns. Except all that I got out of it was that I wanted to throw stuff whenever the contest turned cheesier than a fondue pot. Which happened at least every 5 minutes.


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