You know you’ve been watching too much Eurovision when… (PART 2)

Part 1:

Note: these are my own experiences and may not be your signs of reaching the point of too much ESC. But then again, is there really anything called too much ESC? 

  1. When listening to a Bruno Mars song, you think he sounds a bit like Boaz Mauda. Your family members simply look confused.
  2. After volunteer camp counselors spam you with “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars, you have to spam “Kedvesem” (Hungary 2013) for twice as long to remind yourself where the guitar intro is supposed to go.
  3. When you’re teaching English and are supposed to teach middle schoolers what hip-hop is, you don’t know if it’s a good idea to check YouTube because the first one you think of is Poland’s 2014 entry.
  4. When a student that you’re fed up with asks for Bruno Mars for the nth time, you play fake Bruno Mars in the form of Basim. (I don’t know why there are so many Bruno Mars references…)
  5. You’ve heard “Waterloo” so many times so that even if you hated it at first you’ve at least built up a tolerance to the song. Also you’re embarrassed to tell other Eurovision fans that you don’t like the song.
  6. You facepalm when you hear people (namely teaching assistants) confuse Monaco and Montenegro. Seriously, do you think Monaco would ever send dubstep astronauts? (Also: Slovakia and Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland)
  7. Political map of Europe quiz? That will take about 5 minutes max, given that the questions are tricky.
  8. When looking at hairstyle pictures, you pick the one that looks like Sanna Nielsen’s 2014 hairstyle because that’s the only familiar look in the book, even if you know you’re going to look ridiculous.
  9. Your parents suddenly ask how you know “that stupid Genghis Khan song” that they heard as kids.
  10. You’re sick of explaining Eurovision as “something like American Idol” and Melodifestivalen as “32 One Direction rejects.”
  11. Also, it’s kind of difficult when the only people that know about the contest before you explain are your Russian friend, your geography prof, and a random guy with Epic Sax Guy as his ringtone.
  12. Even though it’s annoying enough when songs rhyme “fire” with “desire”, there are more annoying combos: rhyming “rain,” “Lorraine,” and “pain,” or “Džuli” and “Juli.”
  13. When a substitute teacher asks, “Where the hell do you need German?” you have to refrain from responding, “How the hell am I supposed to listen to Peter Urban’s commentary at ESC?”
  14. You schedule your events around national finals during the season. No one is to bother you during MelFest or Eesti Laul.

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