I can’t [stay sane] without music

I really don’t like this song. Or at least I haven’t listened to it enough to tolerate/enjoy it, and I still facepalm myself asking why Germany sent this to the contest (This also applies to other specific countries and their songs to the 2002 contest)

However, I definitely agree with the title, and I can’t remember not at least tapping out a beat or having a song stuck in my head (Yay for the Ohrwurm Network!), and yes, I find it extremely difficult to do anything without some form of music in the background.

This often leads to major clashes with my family, which for some reason can deal with silence for more than 5 minutes at a time, while I constantly need to hum a tune or keep headphones in my ears to pretty much stay sane. For example, today when I was washing the dishes, one family member constantly told me to shut up, saying that they were holding a pilot run of “Music Censorship Week” (which lasts typically less than 30 seconds). Even though someone could have thrown in the “my rights end where your rights begin” argument and have it make perfect sense, I probably would have disagreed anyways, since how does someone break the monotony of washing countless dishes? I wanted a beat to lean onto and lyrics to sing, since I can’t pre-organize my thoughts to talk in a straight line.

I also constantly get my phone taken away at home for listening to music while studying, even though I’m already in uni. Sure, maybe my psych prof was right that studying and music together resulted in less effective studying, but take away the music then I get bored, start doodling and/or writing sarcastic comments on the paper, and eventually there’s no studying anyways. So in that case, which option sounds better? Somewhat paying attention or not paying any attention?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to get my daily required dosage of Eurovision…


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