Who says you can only do one thing?

It can sometimes suck being a pre-meds student. Because you plan to apply to med school, there are so many requirements: get really good grades (or else no one will want you), wipe out all the challenging+relevant courses which often involve 5 hours of lab for 1 or 0 credits  (or else no one will want you), participate in relevant extracurriculars (or else no one will want you), and pretty much average at less than 5 hours of sleep per night.

And then some students have tiger parents that constantly tell you off for wasting time with music while studying (even if it keeps you sane after drawing 40 pages worth of organic chemistry reaction mechanisms), the only bit of music you get is from sneaking onto Youtube at night on your phone or singing in the shower. But who says you have to throw out music completely? Seriously…

This person is a doctor.

This person is a PhD/pharmacology student.

This person went to med school. (Ok, so he ended up becoming a comedian/singer/TV show host after finishing, but still!)

This person is a lawyer.



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