Frozen? In Summer? ESC’s still there

A few weeks ago I was at a restaurant with a bunch of Christmas decorations in the window. As this wasn’t one of those “Christmas every day” stores, I decided that the reason for the decorations was to mentally beat the heat without cranking up the air conditioning in summer. In that case, watching Frozen would probably have the same effect. And as usual, if you look hard enough you can find Eurovision singers almost everywhere.

Gisela- Castilian Spanish and Catalan versions of Elsa

  • Considering that the only song that I heard from her before this was her (golden insect outfit+ Barbara Dex Award deserving) 2008 Eurovision entry, I don’t really know what she sounds like. IMO, the Spanish and Catalan versions make her sound a bit like Raquel de Rosario (lead singer of ESDM) at first listen.

Ágústa Eva Erlendsdóttir- Icelandic version of Elsa

  • Considering the success of Let it Go, the last thing I’m expecting is Sylvia Night to re-appear and swear at the media like after the 2006 semi-final.

Dima Bilan- Russian version of Hans

  • I decided to watch/listen to the Russian version of Frozen on the flight home, even though I’d watched the movie countless times, though technically this time it was to see how un-stalker-ish Disney had turned Dima Bilan. Even though I like his ESC entries, IMO his voice sounds a little bit “stalker-ish.” However, the Russian version of “Love is an Open Door” tones it down a lot and turns him into just sounding like a friendly guy…like Hans is supposed to sound at first before he reveals his plan.

Mariya Yaremchuk- Ukrainian version of Anna 

  • After reading a few articles (thank you Google Translate) about Mariya Yaremchuk playing Anna in Frozen, I finally understood the first line to her NF entry. “We belong to each other, like a sister to a brother?” The bond between the two lovers mentioned in the song is pretty much unbreakable, like the relationship between siblings. Even if one dies/leaves/turns into an ice statue the bond is still there.


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