You know you’ve been watching too much Eurovision when…

  1. You don’t think of the year having 4 seasons. Rather, it has 5: National Finals, Promotions, Eurovision Week, Contest Analysis, and Waiting for National Finals.
  2. You’re already sick of people asking why Israel participates in the contest. Seriously, it’s because they’re in the EBU, not the EU. Also, the USA can’t join. Sorry.
  3. You’re tempted to facepalm yourself when someone mixes up Slovakia and Slovenia. How does someone mix them up when they know that “in the middle of Slovenia is ‘love’?” (Credit to Klemen Slakonja)
  4. Ditto with Switzerland and Sweden.
  5. If you live in the USA, you’re really annoyed that Eurovision Week is typically in the middle of AP Testing Hell.
  6. It feels weird when you listen to a song which is longer than 3 minutes.
  7. You start wanting to learn languages to understand countries’ national finals. (But you say you want to work for IKEA if people don’t take Melodifestivalen as a legitimate answer.)
  8. Your music library is full of Eurovision entries. Or national final entries. And they’re so much more organized than all your non-Eurovision songs, since they’re organized by country and/or year. Much easier than name of artist or title.
  9. You tend to mention songs as “Country-Year” and you often drop them in conversation, e.g. “My brother complains about me singing Israel 2014 with a rice paddle, but yesterday I heard him humming Malta 1971 in the car.”
  10. You start blogging about Eurovision.

4 comments on “You know you’ve been watching too much Eurovision when…

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