Something…about barefoot relationships

Today I crashed my high school German teacher’s class for a “Eurovision Highlights” party (screw you, AP season for delaying it to 2 weeks after ESC week) and noticed a shoe covered in golden duct tape. After trying (an pretty much failing) to say “goldener Schuh” due to getting reminded of the Herreys (and their “gyllene skor”), two thoughts ran through my head:

1)      Great. I really need to work on my German because I now sound like a complete eejit  and pretty much lost all my speaking ability (not that there was really any to start with anyway…)


All I remember is how to order a Döner…

2)      Why am I still wearing shoes on my feet right now?

A little explanation for thought number 2: I don’t like wearing shoes (and am in the Society of Barefoot Living, a.k.a. an international barefoot club). And since it was a Eurovision party and we were watching Lithuania’s entry this year, I was reminded of their entry from last year.

Overall the song wasn’t too bad, though at the time I didn’t expect it to qualify. Part of me liked it, while another part of me absolutely hated the refrain. Unlike Sweden’s 2011 entry where I could shout in my head that the song was about Sweden as a whole and not the “creepy Swedish guy,” I couldn’t convince myself to find a less literal interpretation.

“If you don’t know, I’m in love with you. When summertime falls it becomes untrue, because of the shoes I’m wearing today: One is called love; the other is pain.”

Besides entering chem labs (con acid) and bio labs (icky microbes), the only time I will willingly put on shoes is during the winter, for obvious reasons: Frostbite sucks, and no barefooter wants to lose a toe because they were too proud to protect their feet. In that case, from a super-literal perspective, the refrain states that a barefooter could only be in a relationship during the winter (or any time below freezing). And why love and pain? The relationship would make people feel good, while wearing shoes would suck.


That’s tetanus bacteria fyi

danger acid





I wanted to complain about the lyrics to someone. It couldn’t be true… until I ended up in a winter relationship and spending half the time wearing boots two sizes too big for me. And it ended just as the snow was about to melt.

Head in Hands

(Then again, I was kind of cheating on the person with a 2 kg organic chemistry textbook, so there’s not much to comment on the situation anyways)

smith orgo textbook


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