Thoughts about the final

So the 59th Eurovision Song Contest has officially ended with DR taking down the set, Conchita Wurst flying home to Austria with the trophy, and people posting “my top 37 post-contest entries” videos on YouTube. In that case, it’s probably time to wrap stuff up and find something to do before the 2015 national final season kicks up in December. Maybe start watching old contest videos. Or maybe finding a new hobby in general. My family members suggested something…

a)      That doesn’t involve whistling (and making weird faces while doing so)

b)      that  preferably is conducted in “understandable English” 

c)       that won’t lead to me blasting “ridiculous” music in the car

d)      that preferably gets me off the Internet…


Thanks for the reminder Aram. But it’s not going to work. Sorry.

Also known as: they’re trying to get me out of the Eurovision world, which isn’t going to work…

Anyways, with exception to Israel not qualifying (14th out of 15 in the semi? Really?) and Russia getting booed (OK, fine, so I get that fans were unhappy with the country’s political situation, but doing it to two 17-year-olds was at the least, extremely rude), I really enjoyed the contest. This was the first contest that I got to listen to for the entire time: Obnoxious classwork during ESC season isn’t the greatest, so watching the complete contest is a no-go at the moment, and the few moments that I put down the textbook to watch were a great escape from the real world:

  1. The Dutch entry:

So yes, I didn’t write a review on “Calm After the Storm” before the contest because the song didn’t “sink in” my head yet until around 2 weeks before the semi-finals, when my head decided CATS was going to be an Ohrwurm two days in a row. Maybe it was the beat, or maybe just how little effort it took to feel the lyrics, or maybe how the song kicked me in the face in reminding me of breaking up. Or it was mix of all three. Anyways, I’m probably going to keep this in my permanent driving playlist, and I’ll definitely get the feels if it comes up when driving in the rain.

  1. The Swiss entry:

I’m not sure how people don’t start tapping their feet or whistle along to Sebalter’s entry, because it’s so upbeat and cheerful. Anyways, I’m really happy for him getting to the final and making the top half. (Even better is that I got my sister to listen to “the singing lawyer” multiple times…)

  1. Stalkery interviews which involved food: Is it just me, or did DR have some fun stalking all the artists’ social network sites? Where did they learn that Richard Micallef (of Firelight) wanted a full English breakfast? Or Molly and that she liked Curly Wurly cake? I would have been really excited if the hosts had brought me my favourite food, but how did they know??
  2. Museum of Eurovision History sketch: And this is how not to run a museum 🙂

Looks like it’s time to start brushing up on my German for Eurovision next year in Austria. Not that I’m going to be at the live contest (only in my dreams…), but no one knows what’s going to happen 🙂


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