SF2: We don’t beat from the same heart…

Or at least Europe as a whole doesn’t, because Israel didn’t qualify L. I’m trying to not act upset like on Tuesday, when I already figured that Latvia wouldn’t qualify (even though their entry was pretty much on the same level of cute as their debut entry in 2000), and that correctly predicting 8 out of 10 isn’t too bad. Then again, when it’s one of your top 2 entries, it’s kind of hard to calm down. (Or I could just steal Norway’s lyrics and say that there’s a silent storm inside me…)

As consolation, Slovenia qualifying was a pleasant surprise, and the song’s staging had a bit of an Estonia 2009 feel to it. And that Switzerland qualified. Add to that the (somewhat expected) event of welcoming Poland back to the final J

My predictions for this semi-final yesterday: Malta, Israel, Norway, Poland, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Romania

Actual qualifying countries: Malta, Norway, Poland, Austria, Finland, Belarus, Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, Romania

And now it’s time for the final on Saturday.



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