SF1 reactions, SF2 predictions

So I’ve learned a few things from watching the first semifinal:

1) Given that this is my first time predicting, 8 out of 10 isn’t that bad: My predicted qualifying entries for Semi-Final 1: Armenia, Estonia, Sweden, Albania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary, while the actual qualifying entries in Semi-Final 1: Armenia, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, San Marino, Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary. Then again, no one really expected Iceland or San Marino to qualify.

2) It’s really hard to study for a 7-week class while watching the contest, even when the sound is turned of (Family still doesn’t approve of me being a fan XD ). Since I didn’t know if I could watch the SF live , I watched all the rehearsals (or at least the recap of them) and figured that the sound would have been pretty similar.

3)  My sister will tolerate recaps, as long as she gets to make sarcastic remarks while she watches them.


Let’s see what happens in the second semi-final. It’s going to be really exciting for me, since most of my favourite entries are in this SF.

Prediction (in order of starting position): Malta, Israel, Norway, Poland, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Romania

I don’t think I can decide which 10 I want in the final, because I like them all (though I wouldn’t really mind if Lithuania and Romania sat out). However, if Israel and Switzerland don’t make the final, I will be very upset.



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