ESC 2014 Preview: Norway

Artist: Carl Espen

Title: Silent Storm

Some of my favorite artists at Eurovision are storytellers, especially the ones with stories that I can connect with closely. I can’t decide whose story is the best (because it changes every 5 minutes with my mood), but Norway’s entry this year is one of the good ones.

Before I listened to the song, for some reason I thought about the environmentalist book “Silent Spring” after reading the title. Maybe it was going to be about missing something? After playing for the first time, chills started running up and down me like the song was controlling my emotions for every second or as if something had pushed me over and I was unable to stand up again.

In a less serious way of describing the song, it’s as if I had a really cruddy day at uni: if I lose my voice, get back a less-than-decent test score, get a phone call from my family only to get yelled at, need to go see counseling services, and then have to go to improv club, I’m pretty sure I’ll have so much that I want to say but none of it’s coming out. And then I’ll probably return to my room, get my voice back, and my roommate will complain about me talking in my sleep because my mind is trying to churn out all the thoughts.

But like Carl Espen sings, someday I’ll be calm (and not a zombie with unspoken thoughts constantly racing in my head)

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