ESC Preview 2014: Ireland

Artist: Can-Linn ft. Kasey Smith

Title: “Heartbeat”

So I didn’t watch the national final, and all I heard about it was Linda Martin calling Billy McGuinness an “odious little man” and a “gobshite”. Anyways, I like the song that won the final, but it seems like “Heartbeat” is split between “Can-Linn Can Win” (a.k.a. “this song is awesome”) and “Only Love Survives 2.0” (a.k.a. “this song is going to fail.”).

I’ll admit that I’m a little biased, since I started my YouTube music obsession by looking Celtic Woman videos. So even though I can be a total sucker for Balkan ballads, Celtic fusion pop still has a place in my heart, especially when the song’s in 4/4 and loaded with triplets.

Outside of that, I thought about entering a talent show with this song playing tin whistle/hand whistle. Unfortunately, the song is in key of C and I only had a D whistle…so that didn’t happen…


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