ESC 2014 Preview: Montenegro

Artist: Sergej Cetković

Title: “Moj Svijet”

I’m a bit of a Balkan ballad freak (considering that I ended up writing around 10 pages analyzing Serbia’s 2008 entry in relationship to the Battle of Kosovo for geography class), so I was really looking forward to the Montenegrin entry. And since the artist Sergej Cetković is pretty much known for Balkan ballad-style music, I got really excited.

There was just one little issue before hearing the song though. Balkan ballads can come in two types (IMO): the first type is the kind that immediately grabs hold of your emotions and won’t let go until the song is over, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, e.g. “Lane Moje.”  The other type works a lot slower and sounds like dentist office music for at least a few listens until actually being able to appreciate the song, e.g. “Korake ti znam.” In my case, “Moj Svijet” took about two listens to for the song to start grabbing onto my emotions and feeling the story. Without any translation of the lyrics or watching the video, the song sounds as if it is about a journey of a group of people up a mountain, and the refrain sounds like a time for the climbers to pause and view the land below.

I can’t wait to hear this song when he performs it in Copenhagen. Maybe he will be able to send Montenegro into the final for the first time.


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