ESC 2014 Preview: Israel

Artist: Mei Finegold

Title: “Same Heart”

I was about to write something 99% similar to my post on (FYR) Macedonia’s entry because the two songs were of similar genres, but there was one major difference between the two: the power in the songs were directed at two different topics. One was celebrating a relationship, and the other one was announcing a break-up. And Mei Finegold sings a 3-minute announcement that the relationship is over. (Mine was more like a 5 minute text conversation and both parties walking off quietly, so at least I wasn’t melting like a snowman in a sauna). It’s pretty straight-up and direct that she (or her character in the song) is planning to completely wipe out any memories if she‘s “skinning [him] out” and that the relationship was all “poisoned love.”

Outside the topic, “Same Heart” has a pretty good beat for running on the track, and it’s really Ohrwurm-y. The people on the track are still going to stare at me for this…


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