ESC 2014 Preview: Estonia

Artist: Tanja

Title: “Amazing”

I’ll admit it; I wasn’t expecting this song to win (though I didn’t watch Eesti Laul) due to all the hype around Sandra Nurmsalu at the time. But after giving the song a bit of time to listen to, the song’s not that bad, and the song works pretty well with running on the track.

A lot of people are comparing this song to Loreen’s Euphoria from 2012, but I can’t really see any similarities between the songs besides the genre, somewhere in the house/trance/USW (someone please correct me on this since I don’t really know the terminology) category, and that the visual focus is the interpretive dance. If Loreen’s entry was like Bernini’s “Ecstasy of St. Teresa” that her character was only able to describe her situation and have no control, then Tanja’s character has full control over her song’s setting.  The dance movements aren’t struggles against a wind machine, and Tanja’s voice commands to the system to stay. Even when she’s dancing, her voice is strong (which is something I would never be able to do).

If I were to say that Estonia copied off anything, it would probably have to be a little bit Georgia 2010’s choreography instead of Sweden 2012’s song (due to the getting picked up, barefoot). But how many other entries have their artists getting picked up by another dancer? I think the song’s getting too many plagiarism comments on YouTube that it doesn’t deserve.

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