ESC 2014 Preview: Spain, Romania


Artist: Ruth Lorenzo

Song: “Dancing in the Rain


Artist: Paula Seling & Ovi

Song: “Miracle”

I’ve been listening to these two entries for a while, but unlike a lot of people on YouTube I don’t really understand the hype around the entries.  As a result, I didn’t think I could type that much. Also, considering that Romania sent an entry in Spanish 2 years ago, why not combine these two entries into one post?

In most of the “Eurovision 2014 Top XX” videos on YouTube (read: over 90%) that I’ve watched, Spain and Romania are in the top 5. But as an Ami who doesn’t always have the context and/or someone who listens to the songs more than she watches them, the two entries sound like a decent ballad and a decent schlager (though for anyone who cares to know, I did know about Romania 2010). I’m not going to say that they’re bad, but I find it difficult to connect with the songs emotionally, just like the songs that play in the dentist’s office: They’re nice to listen to, after a few listens the songs might end up on the Ohrwurm Network, and it’s obviously better than listening to a drill while getting a filling. However, they stay in the dentist’s office and don’t go home with me.

So for anyone who really likes these songs, I’m really sorry that you found a post that didn’t agree with your opinion. If it makes anything better, I’m not putting them on my hate list


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