ESC 2014 Preview: Poland

Artist: Donatan ft. Cleo

Title: My Słowianie

I remember during first year that I followed the Eurovision entry presentations in 2011; Poland’s song was my favorite entry at the time. (I only remember this because I wrote my top 10 entries on my German teacher’s white board every single day until the first semi-final, when Magdalena Tul crashed and received last place). So I was pretty disappointed when TVP withdrew from the contest in 2012 and 2013 and excited when they returned this year.

Anyways the song is ehm…interesting, to say the least. It’s got a beat that reminds me somewhat of Dino Merlin’s “Burek” but with more hip-hop elements mixed into the traditional folk sounds. I didn’t understand the original music video (as in: what’s with all the women in revealing traditional outfits churning butter/baking bread?), but it made more sense after someone else pointed out the satire. If I’m not watching the music video, I really like it when “My Słowianie” shows up on my phone. A lot of people have given me weird stares for yelling “Cleo, Donatan!” from the intro while jumping down the last three steps or dancing along with the music, but what can they do if they haven’t heard the song?


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